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At Ody Silica, we specialize in supplying superior quality silica sand tailored for fluidized bed boilers and a wide range of industrial applications. Our commitment to excellence and innovation positions us as the leading provider of boiler sand, catering to the specific needs of industries looking for high-performance materials to ensure the efficient and safe operation of their boiler systems.

Our Boiler Sand Products

We understand the critical role that high-quality silica sand plays in the efficiency and longevity of boiler systems and industrial processes. With years of expertise and a deep commitment to innovation and quality, we are proud to present our specialized range of silica sand products, designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients in various industries. Our meticulously sourced and processed sands are not just materials but solutions to the challenges faced by businesses aiming for optimal performance in their operations.


Precision Engineered for Larger Boilers
Our IS11 silica sand is tailored for those who demand reliability and efficiency on a large scale. With a particle size range of 0.5mm to 1mm, it is specifically engineered to facilitate robust bed integrity and optimal fluidization in larger boilers. This product stands out for its ability to maintain performance under high-temperature conditions, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.


The Versatile Choice for Efficiency
IS06 represents the perfect balance of size and functionality, with particles ranging from 0.1mm to 0.6mm. This product is the go-to choice for small to medium-sized boilers, where precision and efficiency are paramount. Its versatility allows for excellent fluidization, reducing carryover and enhancing the combustion process, making it a favorite among our clients seeking both performance and reliability.


Consistency Meets Performance
With a carefully selected particle size range of 0.2mm to 0.6mm, our IS23 silica sand is the epitome of consistency. Designed for boilers that operate best with specifically sized sand, IS23 offers unparalleled performance, ensuring efficient fluidization and minimal wear on your equipment. This sand is the ideal choice for industries that prioritize steady, reliable operation with no compromises on quality.


Broad-Spectrum Efficiency
Our IS10 product is for those who value flexibility alongside efficiency. Covering a wide particle size range of 0.1mm to 1mm, it caters to a broad spectrum of industrial applications, from small boilers to large-scale operations. IS10 is designed to provide optimal fluidization across a variety of conditions, ensuring that your systems operate at peak efficiency, regardless of the specific requirements.

Chemical Composition

  • Silicon Dioxide (SiO2):
  • Iron Oxide (Fe2O3):
  • Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3):
  • Potassium Oxide (K2O):
  • Chromium Oxide (Cr2O3):
  • Barium Oxide (BaO):
  • Calcium Oxide (CaO):
  • Magnesium Oxide (MgO):
  • Manganese Oxide (MnO):
  • Sodium Oxide (Na2O):
  • Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5):
  • Sulfur Trioxide (SO3):
  • Titanium Dioxide (TiO2):
  • Vanadium Oxide (V2O5):
  • Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2):

Physical Properties

  • Type:
    Processed / Natural
  • Color(s):
    White (W)
    Off-white / Beige (W)
    Yellowish / Brown (Y)
  • Loss On Igniton (L.O.I):
  • Shape:
  • True Gravity:
  • Bulk Density:
    1.54 g/cm3
  • Acid Resistance:
  • Hardness (MOH):
  • Attrition Loss:
  • ph Level:
  • Turbidity:
  • Silt Content:
    Minimal To None
  • Moisture:

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