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Discover the ultimate solution for creating stunning, picturesque beaches at your resort or commercial space. As a leading beach sand supplier, we specialize in providing high-quality, eco-friendly white beach sand that captures the essence of a tropical paradise. Our commitment to excellence ensures your project embodies both beauty and sustainability.

Our Beach Sand Products

Explore our exclusive range of specialized white beach sands, tailored to create the perfect coastal retreat for your resort guests. Each sand type is sieved to specific particle size distributions to meet various aesthetic and functional requirements, ensuring a sublime beach experience. Whether you seek the soft, delicate touch for guest comfort or a more substantial grain for scenic beauty, our selection is designed to cater to every need. Embrace the essence of the seaside with our sustainable and safe beach sands.


The Essence of Coastal Character
IS10 sand features a coarser grain, with a higher retention at 30 mesh, giving it a robust and natural appearance. This durable sand is suited for scenic spots and areas of high foot traffic, maintaining its beauty even with constant use. Opt for IS10 if you wish to capture the rugged, unspoiled charm of a natural beach.


The Perfect Blend for Play and Relaxation
With its fine-to-medium grain size, IS06 strikes the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics. This sand has a more diverse particle size distribution, offering a natural look while retaining the softness desired by beach-goers. It's an excellent choice for creating inviting, picturesque beaches that call for leisure and play.


The Ultimate Footprint in Luxury
For a soft and luxurious feel underfoot, our IS03 sand is an ideal choice. With a fine composition, most particles pass through a 60 mesh, ensuring a smooth texture that mimics the feel of renowned tropical beaches. This sand is perfect for resort owners aiming to provide guests with a comfortable and relaxing beach experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is silica sand?
Silica sand is a type of sand that contains a high percentage of silicon dioxide (SiO2). It is known for its hardness and chemical inertness, making it ideal for various industrial and construction applications, including as a base material for man-made beaches.
Are there any color other than white?
Our sand is available in off-white, beige, yellowish, and brown colors to suit different aesthetic preferences for your man-made beach.
How is your silica sand different from regular sand?
Our silica sand is carefully processed and sieved to ensure a consistent particle size, ideal for creating smooth and safe man-made beaches. It is also more durable and less prone to erosion compared to regular sand.
How does silica sand compare to beach sand for creating a man-made beach?
Silica sand is often preferred for man-made beaches due to its uniformity, durability, and resistance to erosion. It can maintain its aesthetic appeal for longer periods compared to natural beach sand.
Is your sand safe for marine life?
Yes, our sand is environmentally friendly and safe for marine life, making it ideal for man-made beaches near natural water bodies.
Can your sand withstand saltwater erosion?
Yes, our sand is specially processed to be durable and resistant to saltwater erosion, ensuring longevity for your beach.
How do I maintain a man-made beach with your sand?
Regular cleaning to remove debris and occasional raking to maintain the sand's texture and appearance are recommended for upkeep.
Can your sand be used for beach volleyball courts?
Yes, our sand is suitable for beach volleyball courts, providing a stable and comfortable playing surface.
Is your silica sand safe for children and pets?
Absolutely! Our silica sand is non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals, making it safe for children and pets to play on.
Do you provide installation services for man-made beaches?
While we primarily supply the sand, we can recommend experienced contractors who specialize in man-made beach installations.
Do you offer cash on delivery?
Yes, we offer cash on delivery for your convenience.
Do you offer discount?
Yes, we offer discounts for orders over 2000 kg. The discount increases for larger quantities, and we also provide special discounts for continuous supply contracts.
Do you offer order reservation?
Yes, we do. However, we require at least a 50% down payment to reserve your order.
Do you offer free delivery?
Yes, we offer free delivery for orders of 15 tons and above, limited to Metro Manila and Calabarzon areas.
How many kilogram of loose sand in 1 cubic meter?
Approximately 1,300 kilograms of loose sand per cubic meter.
What are the dimensions of the 20kg bag?
41cm Width x 49cm Length x 13cm Height
What are the dimension of the 40kg bag?
44cm Width x 66cm Length x 18cm Height
How many bags of 20kg can fit in one cubic meter?
How many bags of 20kg can fit in one cubic meter?
42 Bags of 20kg each. Total weight 840kg.
How many bags of 40kg can fit in one cubic meter?
How many bags of 40kg can fit in one cubic meter?
24 Bags of 40kg each. Total weight 960kg.
Do you offer tonner bag?
Not at this moment, but we are considering adding this option in the future.

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